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Available Scripts


The Treble Framework comes loaded with the @threekit-tools/treble-scripts package to facilitate the development and deployment of a Treble App. It gives the ability to run the following scripts/commands straight from our projects root directory.


Threekit Environment

If no Threekit environment is explicitly provided the scripts will default to using the Threekit Preview environment.

yarn start

Run the Treble app in its local development mode. Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in your browser.

The page will reload when any edits are saved.

You can specify the Threekit Environment you'd wish to use by passing it in as a flag in the run script. By default the Threekit Environment is set to preview.

yarn start --admin-fts

yarn build

Bundles your app into the build folder.

The React portion of the app is bundled into a single javascript bundle file with the name threekit-embed.js. Having a static name for across deployment allows us to redeploy without having to update the embed script tag for our app.

Your app is ready for deployment!

yarn build --preview