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Threekit Credentials


All Threekit front-end implementations, Treble included, require the correct Threekit credentials to connect the API to your org on the Threekit Platform and authenticate/authorize your request.

These credentials include:

  • orgId - The unique ID for your org on the Threekit Platform
  • publicToken - A public token created in your Threekit org matching the domain where the Threekit API is to be used.

Getting your credentials


Public Token for Treble Launchpad

By default, Treble will run run its development server locally on localhost:3000. If you project will be using Treble Launchpad, it will also require a token for *.3kit.com.

To get your credentials, both the orgId and publicToken, head over to the relevant org on the Threekit Platform and follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Settings in the sidebar menu on the left.
  2. In the Profile view of your settings, the second field should be for Organization ID. This is the orgId
  3. Then select Tokens, in the sidebar menu, located under settings.
  4. Click the Add Token button
  5. Create a new token which includes the domain localhost for local development.
  6. The newly created token will be your public token.