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Product Layout


Multi-product workflow

The ProductLayout component works in conjunction with the TrebleApp component for multi-product implementations. To learn more about the TrebleApp component click here.


No ThreekitProvider required

You do not need to use the ThreekitProvider if you are using the <PlayerLayouts> component to defined multiple products. The PlayerLayout component will setup the ThreekitProvider for you internally.

<ProductLayout />


The <ProductLayout /> is a wrapper component used to define a UI for one-or-many products that require the same Configurator Form. It contains no UI of its own and will internally setup the ThreekitProvider for the product it encapsulates.

All ProductsLayouts must be in the src/products folder.

Creating a ProductLayout

To create a Product Layout, you would build your UI view as normal and wrap the whole view inside the <ProductLayout /> component.

Each product in the ProductLayout must have its own unique productId. This productId is how we tell our TrebleApp which product we want to be loaded in our app. We pass these productId's and their related product credentials to the ProductLayout component using the products prop.


File Names

Product Layout files must be named to match the following pattern: *.product.jsx. For example, Helmet.product.jsx

Using the TrebleApp

While the ProductLayout is used to define our Product's UI, its the TrebleApp component that will be used to render it out.

All the products defined correctly in the src/products folder, using the ProductLayout component are automatically available to the <TrebleApp /> component. To select which product we want to display we just have to pass in the correct productId as a prop into the TrebleApp.

You can learn more about the TrebleApp by clicking here.

Code Examples

Setting up a ProductLayout for multiple products

import { ProductLayout, Player, FlatForm } from '@threekit-tools/treble';

const products = {
  'helmet-small': {
    preview: { assetId: '<ASSET ID>' },
  'helmet-large': {
    preview: { assetId: '<ASSET ID>' },

export default function HelmetProduct() {
  return (
    <ProductLayout products={products}>
          display: 'grid',
          gridTemplateColumns: 'auto 400px',
          gridGap: '15px',
        <Player />
        <FlatForm />

Using the Product through the TrebleApp

import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { TrebleApp } from '@threekit-tools/treble';

  <TrebleApp productId="helmet-small" />,


productsAn object, defining the products that the Product Layout will be used for.ProductObj-