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Getting Started

Using Threekit, you will have the ability to create next-generation engaging commerce experiences. Whether it is real-time 3D configuration, Virtual Photography, or Augmented Reality, this developer hub will get you up and running as quickly as possible. Dive in by Embedding the Threekit Player and familiarizing yourself with the client-side APIs.

What is the Threekit Player?

The Threekit Player is your viewer for the 3D or Virtual Photographer configurator built in Threekit. The player not only displays your visuals, but it also provides robust functionality for you to utilize to power your entire experience. See how easy it is to get started by Embedding the Threekit Player. Using our Player APIs and Configurator API you can interact with the 3D space and allow your customers to personalize your products.

Client-Side APIs

Our Client-Side APIs are your way of interacting with the 3D space & personalizing your products. The two main APIs are the Player APIs and Configurator API mentioned above.


The Player API allows you to interact with the 3D space. You can interact with cameras, trigger events, and more.


The Configurator API allows you to retrieve & set information about your product's configuration and attributes. This information is used to power the UX of your configuration experience as well as interact with the product itself.


You can utilize Threekit's REST APIs to interact directly with the platform to automate workflows, create custom apps, and more.