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JSFiddle Issue

This has been resolved. There is currently an issue with our JSFiddle embeds in the guides section.


REST & Guide Updates

The following REST APIs have had minor updates to reflect which parameters are required:


Configuration API fixed

The auth header for the Get Thumbnail of Configuration by ID/shortID API has been made optional, fixing an issue where users could not test this endpoint in the hub.


Advanced Buyer Analytics Guide & Embed Param Added

Details on how to embed the Threekit player with a Google Analytics session ID have been added. There is a guide as well as details on the analyticsCustomId in the optional embed parameters.


REST API Updates

Layers Service, Fast Compositor, and Asset Jobs API docs have all been updated. Details:


Fast Compositor as Image Source

You can now find a guide on how to use the new Fast Image Compositor service directly as an img tag's src parameter. Details here


Owlbot AI Enabled - Get more help from the hub!

I’m really excited to announce that our Developer Hub is now enabled with AI features that will allow you to get better answers faster. Near the search bar you will find a new input labeled Ask a question.


Fast Image Compositor Endpoint Added

The Fast Image Compositor API endpoint has been added. If you do not have this feature explicitly enabled in your Threekit org, your API calls will fail.


Fixed broken links in REST API introduction

All links in the Introduction to REST APIs have been fixed.


Added embed parameters

There have been two additions to the Embedding the Threekit Player doc.