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A Form Component for Asset / Part Reference and String type Attributes

<Tiles />


The <Tiles /> component will render out 2 or more columns of Tile components, where each Tile
represents an option in the options array. The Tiles form a neat grid.

Tiles are great for displaying option sets where each option only
needs to display a title.

How to Use

Default use with an Attribute

To connect and use the <Tiles /> component with an Attribute by default, you need to pass the attribute's name
to the component as the prop attribute.

E.g. <Tiles attribute="Attribute Name" />

Custom use

You may want to use the Tiles component in a custom way rather than directly
with an attribute. To do this, instead of passing in an attribute prop, you
can directly pass in the value, options and onClick props. You can find more
information about the props in the Props Table below.

Note: The component will not manage your selection state, and will require
the selected value be passed in as well.

Code Examples

import { ThreekitProvider, Player, Tiles } from '@threekit-tools/treble';

const App = () => {
  return (
      <Player />
        <Tiles attribute="exterior-material">