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Managing multiple products


So far we've discussed building out a UI for a single product, however, the Treble Framework also supports multiple products in a single app. In this tutorial we'll convert the product configurator UI we've built into a Product Layout and set it up in our multi-product app.

Product Layouts and the TrebleApp

To use the multi-product workflow, we'll swap out the <ThreekitProvider /> for one or more <ProductLayout /> components and a <TrebleApp />. We'll be using the Product Layout component to create individual UI layouts that can be used for one-or-more products and then use our TrebleApp to select which product to view.

Creating a Product Layout

To convert our existing Product's UI to a Product Layout, we'll need to do 2 things:

  • replace the <ThreekitProvider /> with the <ProductLayout /> component
  • and provide our ProductLayout with a list of products it should be used for

Here is what that would look like for our app:

import { ProductLayout, Player, Share } from '@threekit-tools/treble';
import Swatch from './components/Swatch';
import Dropdown from './components/Dropdown';

const products = {
  helmet: { preview: { assetId: '<ASSET_ID>' } },

const HelmetProduct = () => {
  return (
    <ProductLayout products={products}>
          <Share />
        <Dropdown attribute="Exterior Material" />
        <Swatch attribute="Exterior Color" />


products folder

All product UIs built using the ProductLayouts must be place in the src/products folder.

Using the TrebleApp

The TrebleApp is how to use and display the Product Layouts build in the src/products folder.

To select a product to display, pass in it's productId as a prop into the TrebleApp component. If a productId is not provided, it will use the first valid product found in the products folder, or look for a productId in the url param tkProduct.

Below, we'll setup the TrebleApp for the helmet product we created earlier.

import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { TrebleApp } from '@threekit-tools/treble';

  <TrebleApp productId="helmet" />,