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Starting a new Treble Project


For projects with deployment

For projects that will require embedding into an existing webpages or hosting with Threekit, it is strongly recommended that you follow this guide for project setup.

Create Treble App

In your local Terminal CLI, get started with the create-treble-app command:

npx create-treble-app@latest

And follow along with any prompts you are required to answer.

This will create a Treble App boilerplate in the current directory with the project name you provided and install all the required dependencies.

Once the boilerplate has been setup we will navigating into the project folder with the follow commands:

cd ./my-treble-app

For more information about the folder structure of a Treble App, click here.

Credentials setup

In the .env file, add your Threekit Platform public token and Org ID for the relevant environments.

In the threekit.config.js file, add in an assetId for the relevant environments.

For more information about the Threekit credentials and their setup, click here.

Start the development server

With the project credentials setup its time to start your Treble app. Run the local development server with the command:

yarn start

Your app will be available on: http://localhost:3000

By default the App will try to use the preview environment of the Threekit Platform. To use another environment pass in the environment name as a flag into the run script. e.g. yarn start --admin-fts

For more information about the available scripts, click here.