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Capture images of the Threekit player

Create Snapshot

The Snapshot feature will simply capture an image from the current player canvas if you do not provide any additional information to the API. With the optional parameters listed you can specify what size you would like the image to be and what the active camera should be.

await player.snapshotAsync()

Optional Parameters

   size: {width: 123, height: 456},
   mimeType: 'image/jpeg', // 'image/jpeg', 'image/png', or 'image/webp'
   cameraId: "fdad61da-ce68-41e7-aafc-fbff9e8f6e9e"


WebP Browser Support

If you are using the Snapshot feature to create .webp files please ensure browser compatibility with that filetype.

You can find a more robust snapshot example in our recipe.