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Treble JS API

The Threekit Treble JS API




await window.threekit.treble.saveConfiguration(config);

The saveConfiguration function is used to save the user's current product configuration state to the Threekit Platform's configuration service and return a single string ID as a way to reference. This ID can be used to retrieve the saved-configuration at a later time, including any additional data associated with the saved configuration.

arg: config (OPTIONAL)

const config = {
    //  Customer ID
    customerId?: string;
    //  Any arbitrary JSON data to associate with a
    //  saved configuration
    metadata?: Record<string, any>;
    //  Any information about product versioning
    productVersion?: string;
    //  Any file attachments to save/associate with the saved
    //  configuration
    attachments?: Record<string, File>;
    //  Whether to include spatial data in the saved configuration
    saveSceneGraphState?: boolean