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Use Threekit Init Status

const hasLoaded = useThreekitInitStatus();


The useThreekitInitStatus hook returns a single boolean value indicating if the Threekit API has initialized or not.

The hook will initially return false. Once the Threekit API has loaded it will continue to return true.

The Threekit Configurator, and by extension the product form, will load with the initialization of the Threekit API as the data is made available after the API loads. As such, we use this hook internally to determine if the Threekit API is ready and we should render our components or instead render some loading indicator.

Code Examples

import { useThreekitInitStatus } from '@threekit-tools/treble';

const Component = () => {
  const hasLoaded = useThreekitInitStatus();
  return (
      {hasLoaded ? 'Threekit API has loaded' : 'Loading in progress...'}