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Added embed parameters

There have been two additions to the Embedding the Threekit Player doc.


Scene API Updated

There have been large additions to our Scene APIs. The following methods have been added: get, findNode, filter, filterNodes, set, setAll, reparent, addNode, deleteNode, addOperator, addAttribute, fetch, alignNode, mergeMeshes. Please switch to version 1.7.5 to see the latest changes.


Navigation Changes

  • All REST API docs have been re-titled to make discovery easier.
  • Deprecated import scene from Clara API from asset-jobs service
  • Deprecated legacy analytics endpoints from the catalog service

Docs v1.6 Released

Updates, additions, and improvements made to REST APIs, Client-Side APIs, and Treble Docs. Detailed info in this changelog.


Discussions moved

Thank you for everyone that has participated in the Discussions feature here on the dev hub. As we plan on re-platforming our platform docs we have consolidated our forums into one. If you have worked with us for a while, it may look familiar to you and your account is still active if you had one. Thank you for your patience while we navigate these systems but hope to bring you the best support possible! You can find a link directly to the forums at the top right of the dev hub.



Added docs & a link to our Threekit iOS SDK package.


Snapshot mimeTypes Added

Valid mimeType values for the Snapshot functionality have been added.


Context added

  • Introduction page has been added to the dev hub to give users additional context when getting started.
  • Links on the Treble Welcome have been fixed.

Set Configuration via Metadata Query Added

Improved the Configuration API doc by adding an example on setting a configuration via metadata query.


PDF Service Republished

The PDF Service has been republished and is functional once again.