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Treble Redux Store

Hello, How we can use the treble redux store? We are trying to get with below approach: const reduxStore = useSelector((state) => state.product); Not able to fetch data from store using this approach. Please let us know. Thanks

Treble InitialConfiguration

Hello We are trying to set the InitialConfiguration in Treble It's not working. ```javascript const playerConfig = { allowMobileVerticalOrbit: true, showConfigurator: false, initialConfiguration: { Text: '', webbing: {}, 'palm logo': { type: 'item', assetId: '97890292-61d1-44f5-b88b-5a5bf9144111', }, 'palm Color': { assetId: '5cfa5230-57f9-4698-8a69-a63c38206777' }, 'Laces Color': { assetId: 'ca8f63de-137d-4da4-a37b-044809431666' }, 'Thumb color': {}, 'wrist color': {}, 'double wrist': '', 'binding Color': {}, 'stiches Color': {}, 'welting Color': {}, 'mid thumb color': {}, 'Wrist Logo Color': { type: 'item', assetId: 'f1b67b97-1a34-4c95-85e4-6b78ce80bb44', }, }, showAR: false, }; <ThreekitProvider project={project} threekitEnv={threekitEnv} playerConfig={playerConfig} > <Treble /> </ThreekitProvider> ``` When we are trying same InitialConfiguration with custom player it's working fine. How we can solve this problem in Treble?

How to resume saved configuration on the player

As per your suggestion we have used useConfigurationLoader to resume the saved configuration but we are not able to reload it on the player. Also we have checked useConfigurationLoader in Treble documentation is not available. Can you please provide some code snippet or documentation for it?

With Treble setup - Is Routing will work with Production build?

We have created production build of the application with Treble. We are not able to switch the component from one to another so please let us know routing will works or not?

How we can reload saved configuration in Threekit Player using Treble?

We have configured player with Threekit Provider and want to reload saved configuration in Threekit Player so how we can achieve?

How we can get text input attribute using Treble ?

We have configured Text Input on item in Threekit platform as per link given below: Link : https://community.threekit.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405866512795-Personalization-Text-Inputs. How we can get Text Input on frontend with Treble like Swatch, Tiles etc?

How to update the player "HELP" modal window?

We have a task to update the player overlay help window. We are working in Treble 0.44. Is there a chance to update it with Widgets? Or at least how can we remove "?" Icon at the bottom right corner ?