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[Treble]: How to read from .env file?

Env: I have got my Treble credentials in the root .env file where I store THREEKIT_PREVIEW_ORG_ID, THREEKIT_PREVIEW_PUBLIC_TOKEN etc. Problem: When I try to use process.env object it gives me process.env: "MISSING_ENV_VAR" and I can't reach token or orgId How can I store and read such credentials without hardcoding them in player config?

[Treble] How to call a method of the player to Full Screen mode?

I am building a custom Full screen button. And I am looking for global object method object method (window.threekit) or treble hook to set a player to full screen mode. Any help please

Awesome site, but missing documentation

I’ve been working inside of Threekit on and off for the past 1.5 years now in both the server side and client side. Every customer of Threekit is going to use Threekit in different ways to help their own customers display and interact with their products. That’s the great thing about Threekit right? The platform is so flexible and if you dream it, you can build it – and that’s awesome! Having such a flexible + customizable platform means that there’s fewer guide rails when it comes to coding. The more capabilities a platform has, the more need there is for documentation. Having thorough, up to date documentation allows Threekit’s customer’s developers to leverage the platform to the fullest, and do so faster. Over the time that I’ve been working with the code side of Threekit, there’s been several areas where documentation has popped up. It’s been somewhat lackluster, and each new area where documentation sprung up has a mix of new content + existing content… but there’s always major pieces missing. This new https://developer.threekit.com/ is no different. It’s missing major pieces of information that used to exist in previous areas of documentation. With each new Threekit project or feature that I’ve worked on, I’ve had to try look through the several sites where Threekit has had documentation and try to piece together how to do some seemingly simple stuff, or remind myself how to do it. In the past month or so, Threekit cleaned up some of these ‘legacy’ areas where documentation used to live, so now https://developer.threekit.com/ is really the only major source. I get it, it makes sense to keep docs all in one place, but because there’s such sparse documentation on here it’s extremely limiting, and I have to ‘brute force’ my way through problems since I have no way of looking up how to structure an object in a query or what parameters a function is expecting or not expecting. This new https://developer.threekit.com/ site has so much potential, and some of new features like the ‘Sandbox’ and using server side calls right on the site is fantastic. I just with that there was more documentation for ‘everyday’ stuff, specifically about the client side player. As a suggestion, perhaps the Threekit documentation team (or person?) can review some of the past ‘Trio Talks’ that have been done, and just do a quick audit to see how many calls used in those videos are missing from the documentation? Seems like a good place to start and cover commonly used interactions. It would also allow future videos to re-use documentation directly from the site instead of having write it down in a slide every time. Having real-world examples in the Trio-Talks is great, but whenever a Threekit customer wants to apply concepts learned there in even a slightly different way, there’s so little help that exists that it’s often not worth it. Threekit’s an awesome platform, but coding in it now is has become a bad tasting cocktail of trial & error, tribal knowledge, and wasted time. Adding more documentation to this site seems like a win for everybody and I hope that more time is set aside to add the needed documentation. Thanks for taking the time to read. Threekit’s make incredible strides in a short amount of time. I’m excited to see the platform evolve and Threekit grow. I’m also hopeful that there will be more consistency and resources available as the company and system continue to mature. Cheers, - Dave

How to update the player "HELP" modal window?

We have a task to update the player overlay help window. We are working in Treble 0.44. Is there a chance to update it with Widgets? Or at least how can we remove "?" Icon at the bottom right corner ?

How to resume saved configuration on the player

As per your suggestion we have used useConfigurationLoader to resume the saved configuration but we are not able to reload it on the player. Also we have checked useConfigurationLoader in Treble documentation is not available. Can you please provide some code snippet or documentation for it?

With Treble setup - Is Routing will work with Production build?

We have created production build of the application with Treble. We are not able to switch the component from one to another so please let us know routing will works or not?

Treble InitialConfiguration

Hello We are trying to set the InitialConfiguration in Treble It's not working. ```javascript const playerConfig = { allowMobileVerticalOrbit: true, showConfigurator: false, initialConfiguration: { Text: '', webbing: {}, 'palm logo': { type: 'item', assetId: '97890292-61d1-44f5-b88b-5a5bf9144111', }, 'palm Color': { assetId: '5cfa5230-57f9-4698-8a69-a63c38206777' }, 'Laces Color': { assetId: 'ca8f63de-137d-4da4-a37b-044809431666' }, 'Thumb color': {}, 'wrist color': {}, 'double wrist': '', 'binding Color': {}, 'stiches Color': {}, 'welting Color': {}, 'mid thumb color': {}, 'Wrist Logo Color': { type: 'item', assetId: 'f1b67b97-1a34-4c95-85e4-6b78ce80bb44', }, }, showAR: false, }; <ThreekitProvider project={project} threekitEnv={threekitEnv} playerConfig={playerConfig} > <Treble /> </ThreekitProvider> ``` When we are trying same InitialConfiguration with custom player it's working fine. How we can solve this problem in Treble?

How we can reload saved configuration in Threekit Player using Treble?

We have configured player with Threekit Provider and want to reload saved configuration in Threekit Player so how we can achieve?

How we can get text input attribute using Treble ?

We have configured Text Input on item in Threekit platform as per link given below: Link : https://community.threekit.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405866512795-Personalization-Text-Inputs. How we can get Text Input on frontend with Treble like Swatch, Tiles etc?

Treble Redux Store

Hello, How we can use the treble redux store? We are trying to get with below approach: const reduxStore = useSelector((state) => state.product); Not able to fetch data from store using this approach. Please let us know. Thanks